AZ/NM Mission Trip '17

AZ/NM Mission Trip Blog Day 11 Recap

Monday marked the first day of our Volleyball camp at the Zuni mission church. We spent the early day praying and preparing before embarking to the church for our ministry. The camp ran from 1 to 3:30 and consisted of a big kids and a little kids camp. We ran drills, had snacks, and prepared testimonies for the kids to hear.
After the camp was over, we were able to take warm showers at the church (a rare commodity for our guys), and headed home for a quick dinner of chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We were hoping to make it to the dances in Gallup, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Hopefully we will be able to tomorrow! In lieu of the dances, a couple of us ran in to town to grab some necessities while the rest of the team prayed and did devotionals. We spent time with one another before heading to bed.
-Ross Whitten

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