AZ/NM Mission Trip '17

AZ/NM Mission Trip 2017 Blog Day 10 Recap

Sunday was a day full of relaxation and worship. We started the day heading to the new Zuni Christian Reform Church for Sunday service. Personally, I thought the service was incredible. They didn’t have the worship group they usually have so the songs were mostly traditional, but still very solid. Pastor Mike Meekhof preached a very moving sermon that everyone enjoyed.

After the service, we visited with the community at the gym in the same building as the church then shortly headed to Chu Chu’s Pizza. The pizza was very tasty, but it took a long amount of time to come out, so we didn’t get as much relaxation time as we would’ve hoped. One team went out to make a Walmart trip to get things that we needed while the rest of the group grabbed some items from Dusty Pines before everyone reunited at the church for youth group.

Once the youth group started, Pastor Mike cooked some bratwurst and hot dogs.They were absolutely delicious and we all ate and enjoyed each other’s company. After that, Pastor Mike taught a very nice lesson to everyone. He then dismissed us and we played a few very intense games of dodgeball. It was obvious everyone had a great time together playing dodgeball. Lastly, the group participated in a very nice prayer group with the ministry. Personally, that was my favorite part of the youth group . It’s was such a calming time as we all prayed together. After that, we headed back to the camp to get some much needed rest to prepare for the following day to come.

-Hunter Haynie, ed Ross Whitten

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